Who We Are

Our Story

Our Story

Engaging in commercial enterprises throughout the United States and worldwide, we exist to provide strategic growth to our shareholders and support for our stakeholders in matters of governance and other high-level leadership through collaboration with partners around the world.

Our focus is on four global sectors which our leadership team has identified as offering investors tremendous opportunities for growth while also having a positive impact through investment. Carnegie Development knows investors shouldn’t have to choose between investing in their portfolio and investing in the future.

Although we are broad in scope, a shared commitment to world-class excellence unites all Carnegie Development’s projects and investments. Nothing but the highest level of architecture, innovation and business acumen will suffice if Carnegie puts our name on a project.

carnegie development inc.

Our Vision

Setting the industry standard with firm commitment to social conscience, integrity, best practices and excellence through growth in all our endeavors.

Our Mission

We bring value to our stockholders through an entrepreneurial mindset and emphasis on diversification which provides opportunities for collaborations. We will have a positive impact in enhancing quality of life for all people by bringing high value growth for our shareholders.

Our Culture

Our culture is based on the same dedication to integrity and spirit of caring that our leadership team has always shown while concentrating on continuous improvement in quality of life for all people.

Our Story

Our Strategy

Seek opportunities in the best markets.

With more than 50 years of experience in our leadership team, we continue to identify the best innovations and technologies.

Generate growth with proven platforms:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Data & Financial Integrity
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Impact Investment

Through collaboration and investments, we create successful traction in our core sectors.

Acknowledge our culture and capabilities.

From our board, through our officers and at every level, Carnegie Development’s corporate culture is rooted in integrity, community and the spirit of caring while supporting innovative improvements in the quality of life globally.