Fintech & Data Integrity

fintech & data integrity

We seek opportunities allowing individuals and businesses to access useful, secure financial products and services that meet their needs, protect their data, and are delivered in a responsible and sustainable way.

Data & Financial Integrity

More than a billion people, primarily though not exclusively in the developing world, experience difficulty accessing traditional financial services because of poverty, inequality, migration or other challenges. Empowering them to access those services is both a remarkable investment opportunity in a growth market and an opportunity to improve their quality of life. Carnegie Development is committed to giving them that power without needing to set foot in a bank.

We will invest in innovative technologies: apps, services, and platforms that bring financial independence to those who otherwise could not access banking or financial services. Although few people in developing countries have access to a bank, many have a mobile phone. While mobile financial services have already proven to be a pathway for financial access in areas physical banks cannot reach, their potential has only begun to be tapped.

Data & Financial Integrity

Carnegie Development will identify projects taking these opportunities to the next level, making services and transactions more accessible, more compliant and, above all, more user- friendly. Because trust is essential for these services to be marketable and beneficial, we will also invest in making data more secure. Legitimate users must be empowered while curtailing bad actors.

Through investments, we will open entirely fresh opportunities for the unbanked to access mobile money accounts and other financial services based on mobile applications. Financial inclusion can contribute to poverty alleviation by bringing financial products and services within reach of underserved people.