We provide financial resources, governance, high-level management and operational expertise.


Through leading-edge architecture, innovation and proven business acumen, we commit to world-class excellence in all our projects and investments.


Seek opportunities in the best markets.  With many decades of experience, our leadership team continues to identify remarkable opportunities in real estate and promising new technologies suitable for its market share.

Generate steady growth with the proven and secure platform of real estate development.

Draw on the strength of our international culture of integrity and leadership in creating a better lifestyle for our residential communities. 


Carnegie Development  partners and invests in long term value that enhances communities and generates wealth.  With a strategic balance in ownership and operations of four major real estate sectors, Carnegie Development has projects and holdings in the sectors of Ultra Luxury Hospitality, Multifamily and Single Family developments, and horizontal development of Raw Land. 


We acquire high quality assets on a value basis and drive investment performance through dynamic and innovative operations. With a track record of developing and acquiring real estate in the best performing U.S. markets, we’re able to deliver risk-adjusted returns to shareholders.  Our leadership position is embedded in building value for the long term. 

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